by Pipo Villanueva
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When Arturo de Ascanio passed away, Gabi started working on many of his tricks and sequences, being Ascanio’s credential routine “the restless lady” one of the most remarkable tricks he worked on.

Some years after Gabi’s first attempt on doing a personal version (very similar to Ascanio’s) he departed methodologically from the original one, keeping the external structure and incorporating more elements to it: a wallet, extra effects that set the tone of the routine and introduced us to the restless lady and an encore ending. Gabi performed that version with great success for many years until he decided to revisit the original one, trying to get back the routine’s essence.

Methodologically speaking, Gabi tried to extend the external structure used on his second version and rescued some techniques while sticking to the resources Ascanio used in the original routine. This third version did not replace the second one, but Gabi always mentioned how much he learnt developing it, and as his friends, we know (as he confessed a couple of times) this last version was his favourite one.

Here you have all three versions. The whole journey of a Master viewing another Master’s view (Arturo de Ascanio), walking away from the original version while looking for new landscapes, to return years later to the starting point with all the invaluable knowledge and experiences acquired along the way. Both the second version (the one with the wallet), and the third one were published in Gabi’s book about Ascanio: ‘La depuración constante de lo mismo’. A book in which Gabi gives his view of the Master and that we hope will be reprinted and translated into English soon.

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