by Pipo Villanueva
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This is a brilliant sequence that Gabi used to perform in many of his formal close-up shows. His take on Roy Wallton’s Collectors. Let’s analyze some of the most relevant aspects of this piece.

Mind how the dramatic structure is designed so carefully to deliver the maximum impact and satisfaction for the spectators, because they are completely engaged and they are allowed to anticipate the climax. First a card is selected, but not with the standard magician’s drill, the selection process is done in such that it is totally memorable and no challenging at all, this places the spectator in the perfect place psychologically to enjoy the experience (a great example of Gabi’s idea of the magicians “creating” the spectator he needs for the magic experience he will propose).

Then comes the sequence of disappearances, with an emphasis on the plasticity and beauty of the vanishes, a truly hypnotic sequence with a very suggestive speech, that’s a Gabi’s signature combo. Once again substituting the challenge, that a diminishing sequence like this easily might pose, for beauty and enjoyment.

The cards appear again face up in the middle of the deck trapping 3 face down cards… the magician reveals the tree cards are a three of a kind… the spectator has now all the pieces to anticipate what is coming just at the same time it unfolds in real time. The card in between his hands cannot be other than the one that completes the four of a kind. Another masterclass by Gabi.

He started dperfomring it at the Cafe Teatro Llantiol in the early 90’s and it remained in his repertoire until his last live show, in January 2020.

Here we share some performance of the same routine throughout the years, the first one at “El Sótano Mágico” (Zaragoza) in 2017 and the second during a lecture for magicians in Oviedo in 2000.

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