by Pipo Villanueva
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“… The dreams that come to be some ancient form of art”
J.L. Borges

The contamination of reality by dreams is one of the procedures which fantastic literature makes use of, as Jorge Luis Borges wrote in an article called “The narrative art and magic”, published in his work “Discussion” in 1932.

In my opinion, magic shows a lack of exactly this fantastic element, instead focusing on an excessive –trying to not call it sickly – realism which struggles to introduce magic into the shared reality (shared by magician and spectator). This trick reclaims, if only in isolation, a magical causality of the fantastic type likely to generate –through real elements or procedures– a certain credibility by introducing images of a dream into reality.

Gabi Pareras (La Magia española del siglo XX)

This routine is published in “La Magia española del siglo XX” by Miguel Ángel Gea and Juan Gallego Luque (Editorial Páginas)

The video corresponds to Gabi’s one man close-up gala he performed at Tamarite de Litera 2007 Magic Convention.

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