by Pipo Villanueva
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This a reinterpretation of Juan Tamariz’s wonderful routine. Gabi keeps the plot and most of the speech/presentation, but he reinterprets the routine using the regular poker deck. Instead of using cards with drawings of centaurs and mermaids he uses the kings and a card selected.

He actually came up with the sequence of effects years before incorporating the speech of Centaurs and Mermaids. To explain where he got the inspiration to dispense with the drawings, he used to refer to the power of our imagination that we tend to underestimate. We are able to make for ourselves a very accurate picture of the characters of a novel just by reading about them, such as Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, moreover, it has been demonstrated regardless of not having an exhaustive physical description of the characters on the text we all seem to agree on their main traits, such as Sherlock being tall and spindly, and Dr. Watson being short and plump.

It was recorded at Villa Kaps in 2013 and we can share it here thanks to Dani Daortiz’s generosity.

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